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At Owl Data Solutions Consultancy we are team of private equity and venture capital research professionals provides content collection and research information services to PEVC & M&A databases platforms. We have 10+ years of experience in content collection, where most of our professionals came from factset, capitai-iq and thomson reuters from different positions. We track all public and private companies both private capital market.

Advantages of outsourcing to Owl Data:

Those who have problems and challenges in maintaining human resources of researches in onshore, we provides solutions to all those problems. We undertake all small-big projects and help your database grow from time to time.

  • No need for any training from scratch. As we know how data flows.
  • Hire and start your work.
  • Free trial work for 1 month.
  • On time report and up to date update will be followed.
  • 10+ years of experience in PEVC, M&A, Investment Banks and Law Firm content collection.

Team up with Owl Data for all your data needs.

Our goal at Owl Data is to provide our clients with same services that you would expect in your own country. We provide the best quality of data by meeting the quantity of work at regular intervals. We provide ideas and suggestion in developing your admin [backend tool] and client [front end] as per international standards.

Our Clients

Mergr.com [formerly known as privateequityfirms.com]

Mergr is a web-based interconnected database of private equity firms, public and private companies, their M&A activity and the advisors who help them. Easily recruit M&A professionals, market services, build company buyer lists and prospect mature acquisition candidates. The Company was formed in 2008 as PrivateEquityFirms.com and became Mergr in 2015.

What we did

Data services, tool enhancement, ideas in developing the site.

How we did

Team of research associates working 24*7 days in collecting the data.

How early we did

It took 4 years to gather such huge data.


Quality/Quantity data.

Owl Data Solutions FOR

PEVC Databases, M&A Databases, Investment Bank Databases, Law Firm Databases and other Research Databases.

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Private Equity and Venture Capital Data Process

  • Small – mega PE&VC firms, Angel, I-Banks, Law Firms.
  • Investment criteria
  • Demographic region
  • Portfolios investments & exits [in detail]
  • Portfolio investment criteria
  • Funds
  • Add-on acquisitions
  • Professionals data
  • Advisory connections [financial and legal etc]
  • Corporate actions

Merger & Acquisition Data Process

  • Corporate actions [daily capture of M&A across the globe deals]
  • M&A history
  • M&A connections
  • IPO activity
  • Advisory Connections

People & Basic Data Entry Process

  • People moves
  • Board seat
  • Sector and geographical preference.
  • Past employment details
  • Contact and social media updates.

What We Do

Organizing Parent Tree:

  • Tracing private equity & venture capital firm/wing name.
  • Tracing legal name of the fund and general partner, special purpose vehicle and managing members of the fund and organizing them accordingly.

Tracing Fund Information:

  • Fund type (private equity/venture capital/mezzanine/real estate/secondary/fof/sbic/mutual fund).
  • Closing date of the fund.
  • Objectives and investment criteria of the fund (geographical, markets, sectoral and industrial focus)
  • Size of the fund (sought and raised amount).
  • Investors in the fund: government, pension funds, endowments, foundations, trusts, public companies, financial institutions, investment banks and individuals.
  • Investment size per transaction and per portfolio.

Portfolio Information:

Business Information:

  • Legal structure, website, address, headquarters, founders, and founded date of the company.
  • Summary of the company: industry, sector, product line, board of directors and management team.

Capital Structure:

  • Proportion of common equity, preferred equity, debt, warrants, and bridge loan in capital structure.
  • Tracking the information about the type of capital provided by each investor.

Reading SEC Filings:

  • 10-k filing (annual report)
  • 10-q filing (quarterly report)
  • 8-k filing (specific, extraordinary corporate events)
  • S-4 (creditors filing)
  • S-1 (PRE-IPO filing)
  • Regdex (series/rounds)
  • Form D – recent investment.

Tracing Investment Information:

  • Type of investment (private equity investment or venture capital investment)
  • Investments made sector/industry wise, funds wise and year wise.
  • Tracing total deal size, investors in deal and amount invested by each investor.

Tracing Investment Strategies:

  • Private equity investments: management & leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, acquisitions, turnarounds, bridge financing, corporate divestitures, going private, secondary buyout and mezzanine.
  • Venture capital investments: start-ups, seed stage, early stage, expansion stage, growth stage, development stage and later stage. [series/rounds]
  • Private placements.
  • Pipes (private investments in public enterprises)
  • Secondary transactions

Tracing Exit Strategies

  • Selling to another asset management co. [secondary sale]
  • Going for IPO
  • Selling to another co. [sold to public or private]
  • Selling to the management of the co.
  • Other exits

Tracing Advisory

  • Sell side financial, legal and other advisory.
  • Buy side financial, legal and other advisory.

Daily Deals Coverage:

  • Type of deal (strategic deal, M&A, private placement, pipes)
  • Deal value, parties involved in the deal, and deal advisory.

Our Data Process

We manually track and update information from Press Releases, Websites, News Articles, SEC Filings and other direct contacts.








Quality Check


  • Google search, website, press releases other research news.
  • Sec filings [regdex, form –d, 8k,10k,s-1 and other filings.
  • Archive.org
  • Research sites.
Yes, we cover companies/firms globally, but our primary focus is on covering North America and Europe and some parts of Asia.

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We are located in heart of Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

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